Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Getting a Head Start on 2016

To our loyal followers,

We apologize for the long gap between WaldaBlog posts. Between finishing the most successful season in Waldameer's history, and the blogger needing to finish school, WaldaBlog sadly had to be placed on the back burner, but now we are moving ahead and WaldaBlog is back to keep you updated on all of the happenings at Waldameer and Water World.

Labor Day may have been the last day Waldameer was open to guests in 2015, but unlike what some may think, Waldameer does not sit idle until May. Our small group consisting of maintenance team members, full-time managers, and a few seasonal team members are hard at work preparing Waldameer for 2016. The end of summer and beginning of fall is the perfect time to refresh many rides and attractions with a new coat of paint. These weeks of mild weather make the end of summer and early fall the optimal time to paint and perform upkeep, as in the Spring we must dedicate our resources to setting up attractions for operation.

Starting over in Kiddieland, Ravine Flyer 3 is getting a much-needed fresh coat of pink.

What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes!

Sometimes we like to change things up. Wipeout will have a groovy new color scheme featuring purple and pink. Once complete, combined with the recent backdrop refurbishment, Wipeout will be almost unrecognizable from just a few years back!
From 1995 through 2014, the sweeps and rim were all white.

From October of 2015 and into the future, Wipeout will feature pink sweeps and a purple rim.

As you may remember from many blog entries back, we refreshed Paratrooper in time for the 2014 Season. Unfortunately the sun was a little too strong making the ride look almost pink, but this fall we are repainting Paratrooper with a new type of paint that we hope will look sharp for many seasons to come.
Penny and the "Ride Squad" have been busy. Keep up the great work!

Our maintenance team with the help of our friends from Rog's carefully brought the Pirate down from Pirate's Cove. We are looking forward for him to receiving a fresh coat of paint in time for 2016.

A team of carpenters from Texas spent a month making adjustments and replacing several sections of track on Ravine Flyer II. We are determined to move back to the 6th Spot, or better, for the Best Wooden Roller Coasters (We finished in 7th for 2015). 
All new track at the bottom of the first drop.

While we might be running out of time for painting and carpentry work, another project is just getting underway. Wally Bear says he has a splashing surprise in store for 2016! Stay Tuned!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back to It's Spinning Ways

For the past few weeks we were without one of our dizzy family favorite spinning rides, Wipeout. You may have seen it sitting in pieces scattered all over the ride area. Rumors suggested Waldameer was removing the ride to send it to the scrapyard, and some even suggested we sold Wipeout to another park. Not the case at all!
But it sure looked like we were packing up Wipeout to be moved away.
Unfortunately back in June a part, called a bearing, inside Wipeout was nearing the end of its service life. This bearing is used to make the ride spin and squish riders. Once we took apart the ride to reach this part, the waiting game began. Due to the specialized manufacturing process of this part and a long trip from Kansas where Wipeout was made, we were without one of our favorite spinning rides for almost a month.

Fortunately, the new bearing arrived on Friday July 10th. And our Maintenance Team quickly installed it that afternoon.
This is the new bearing in place.

The very next morning we called our friends from Rog's to help us hoist the rest of the Wipeout back into place.
That's a pretty big crane!
Once the crane lifted the ride into place, our Maintenance Team went right to work putting everything else back together.
Steve hard at work getting each component back together.
Our reliable forklift operator, Mike, carefully places the centerpiece back into position.
About 24 hours after the bearing arrived, we had Wipeout reassembled, inspected, tested, and ready to spin riders that Saturday evening.

Thankfully those removal rumors were not true, and Wipeout is here to stay. Just make sure you ride before eating your lunch or dinner!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Only a Few Waves Away

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of Summer, and we are only a few waves away from opening our highly-anticipated Giant Wave Pool. Crews are working seven days a week to have the Giant Wave Pool Expansion ready as soon as possible. Today we are not only going to see the progress of the expansion, but we will give you an inside behind-the-scenes look into all of the equipment needed to make our waves possible.
Concrete is almost complete. Only a "few" lounging chairs to arrange.

Speaking of those "few"of lounging chairs

Waveside Grill eagerly waits to serve thousands of hungry families.

Dozens of tables ready to be set for you to enjoy all of the new delicious offerings at Waveside Grill.

Finding our way behind the scenes, you might have this question.....What does it take to create 4ft high waves? These massive pumps and blowers will do the trick, and these are only for one side of the pool!

Looking a little further into the future, we set aside an area in the Wave Pool Pumphouse for future additions. These pipes will serve the Children's Spray area as well as a multi-level Children's slide complex.

If you need a break from the waves, make sure you check out our plans for Water World's future. Some wet and wild thrills are on the horizon!

The excitement is building, and we are only a few waves away from unveiling our largest expansion to date. Keep a close eye on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and local media outlets for the Opening Day announcement of our Giant Wave Pool Expansion.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On the Right Path to the 2015 Season

The 2015 Season is only a few days away from getting underway. As the amusement park opens this weekend, be ready to experience a transformed south end of the park thanks in part to the Giant Wave Pool expansion. Some of our early bird visitors for Season Passes and picnic planning have already been stunned, and even slightly lost or confused, because of how radical the changes to the midway are. So to prepare everyone for their first visit to Waldameer and Water World in 2015, whether it be this weekend or in the coming weeks, WaldaBlog has your grand entrance mapped out to keep you on the right path to family fun.

Let us begin at our Peninsula Drive entrance...
Seems like the entrance we have always known.

click to enlarge
But right as we turn into the parking lot, we are greeted with a smooth, clean blacktop parking lot. A long-anticipated change from the dusty bumpy field.

Once you find your parking spot, just behind the Giant Wave Pool you will find the admission booths. Crews are also working extended hours to have the beautiful new archway set to greet guests arriving to Waldameer.

Pardon our dust. Once you pass through the admission booths, this path will take you into the park.

Make a left and cross the L. Ruth Express tracks.

Don't forget to process your 2015 Season Pass at Guest Services!

And you are officially in the park and ready for fun! Removal of the former ticket booths has dramatically opened the midway to ease congestion and provide a nice place to enjoy delicious Waldameer Sub Shop sandwiches.

For those of you using our 6th and 8th street parking lot, another new set of Admission Booths can be easily found at the Dodgem Entrance to the park.

The finishing touches are being applied right in time for Opening Day.

If you already have your 2015 Season Pass Processed, getting in the park will be a breeze with these fast Express Lines.

It will be a mad dash to the finish putting the last pieces in place to have Waldameer ready for Season 119, but we can't wait to officially unveil our new Grand Entrances this weekend as well as the Giant Wave Pool complex in just a few weeks!

See you at the park!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Progress Coming in Waves

The sun is out, the snow is melting away, and the birds are chirping. It must be Springtime at Waldameer and Water World. Back in February we promised it, and now Mother Nature has made it possible. What could be a better way to celebrate the first day of spring than exploring the Giant Wave Pool expansion in Water World?

"So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you." There is a lot to see, so lets not fuss around climbing on Comet.

First up is a preview of the Bathhouse expansion. Both the Ladies and Men's Bathhouses received expansions.

How will we get to the Giant Wave Pool? Great Question! A bridge and accessible ramp over the L. Ruth Express are being installed near the new Locker House and Comet. The Giant Wave Pool complex will also be connected to the existing Liquid Lightning and Awesome Twosome lounging area.

Speaking of the new Locker House, work is progressing well. Just a few hundred lockers away from completion!

As Waveside Grill's exterior nears completion, the Food and Beverage Department is finalizing all of the delicious new specialty items that will be served here.

The second set of Admission Booths, complete with express lanes of course, is taking shape.

Don't worry, we are closing in on the part everyone wants to see, but the best is saved for last. In the meantime just look at those massive filters! Takes a lot of power to filter water and generate waves in a half-million gallon pool.

Without any further delay, we made it to the crowning jewel of Water World, the Giant Wave Pool.

Under the blue tarps are the first sections of concrete poured for the outside walls of the pool.

The openings at the bottom of the pool are where the waves will be generated.

Mt. Waveside, while eroding rapidly, still gives us a stunning look at this massive Giant Wave Pool.

A lot has changed since WaldaBlog's last Wave Pool Update back in January when we climbed Mt. Waveside. Not much longer now until the waves are crashing and families are cooling off in the largest wave pool in the tri-state area.

P.S. If you are interested in being a part of the Team that keeps families safe while enjoying the Giant Wave Pool and other Water World attractions, we are taking Lifeguard applications now. Click here for more information.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Building for a Big Summer

This frigid winter seems to have no end in sight, but that hasn't stopped work here at Waldameer and Water World. Construction crews are braving the cold and making daily progress on several ongoing construction projects. Thankfully, they have built some warm winter hideaways using tarps and things called "Torpedo Heaters." This week we get the chance to take a peek into couple these hideaways and see some projects as they come to life.

Back in September, this was just an empty plot of dirt. What could be inside?

It's the first set of new ticket booths! These lanes will be utilized for guests needing to purchase wristbands and Wally Cards.

Over here the Express Lanes are taking shape for guests with Season Passes and pre-purchased tickets.

Before you know it, you will be greeted to Waldameer with a bright new place to receive wristbands and Wally Cards. Look out for another similar set of Ticket Booths that will be located at the Park Entrance from the Peninsula Drive parking lot.

Across the Midway, a tasty new concession area takes shape. The all new Sub Shop will offer a wide variety of sub sandwiches adding even more concession options to Waldameer and Water World's delicious menu. 

The former Imagination Station is being transformed to accommodate food preparation areas and two guest entrances.

While guests are having their subs prepared, they will be treated to a nice view of the family-favorite Merry-Go-Round though these large windows.

We hope you enjoyed a much warmer WaldaBlog update on the winter happenings at Waldameer and Water World. Stay Tuned for next time as we venture our way into Water World for a highly anticipated Giant Wave Pool expansion update!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter at Waldameer: Journeying Into the Eye of the Storm

Temperatures have reached into the single digits, the snow has been falling, and the wind has been howling. There must be another infamous Erie Winter upon us. While we were blessed with a mild December, January has been the exact opposite so far. After a week of snowy frigid conditions keeping us inside, Cabin Fever sent some of the Waldameer Team out into the midways to explore the Winter Wonderland during a break in the lake effect snow. We had to move quickly, as this eye of the storm didn't last for long.

Our first stop is one of everybody's favorite classic wooden coasters, Comet. You would never know a massive Water World expansion is underway to the right with the blowing snow everywhere.

A winter look into the "Heart" of Water World.

Wild River or Olympic Bobsled Course?

Speaking of Olympic Sports, Thunder River could fool anyone as a Ski Jump, but be careful of that landing!

A little snow never stopped the Pirate from protecting his Cove from treasure hunters.

Some of our worst fears all in one shot: Spiders, Haunted Houses, Heights, and Snow!

Spider's tubs are in the Maintenance Shop for their annual "Spin Up."

 The Shack might be cold and snow covered on the outside, but the spirits inside are alive and well.

Did anyone inform these guests that it is 7 degrees outside?

Ravine Flyer 3 might be the smallest of the "Ravine Flyers" but we need some practice for the challenge ahead.

Make sure you sit upright, hold on tight, and enjoy your Snow Flight on Ravine Flyer II.
Are you nervous yet?

But this special ride on Ravine Flyer II is going to pause for a moment to take in the spectacular winter views.

To our right, the North End is looking more like the North Pole.

Kiddieland and its neighbors brace for the next band of lake effect snow.

click image to enlarge
Wow! What a view of the entire park! But watch out, a storm is brewing.

Correction: A storm is brewing with the exception of this part of the track where the snow never sticks, because it's always a hot 90 degrees.

One last chance to enjoy the spectacular winter view. Just a few days ago, Lake Erie was wide open with crashing waves. Weather sure changes quickly around here.

Would you dare to ride Ravine Flyer II in the snow?

A "snow bunny" hop ahead.

Now that was one Waldameer and Water World adventure you will never forget! Until next time, stay warm!